Standard Operating Procedure
Working with SideBooms & Pipelayers


Purpose: To aid in the awareness of all employees working with or around both live and hydraulic sidebooms. To minimize the exposure of all employees working with, around, or having the potential to encounter sidebooms during the course of their employment.

Scope: To cover all makes and sizes of both live and hydraulic sidebooms.

  • All personnel shall be familiar with safe lifting practices.
  • All new operators and riggers will be field tested before beginning work.
  • Only qualified and certified employees are allowed to operate the sideboom.
  • Pre-shift inspections on the sideboom are to be performed by the operator on a daily basis prior to operating the machine.
  • All sideboom operations are to have a written job safety analysis/plan completed and communicated prior to conducting operations.
  • A1l lifting equipment shall be inspected prior to its use by the rigger and operator.
  • Lift tickets are to be filled out for every lift.
  • Power lines in the direct work area are to be included on both the JSAP and lift ticket(s).
  • Non-conductive tag lines shall be used on all loads.
  • Never operate the boom controls unless you are seated.
  • Operator and rigger shall use the designated hand signals
  • No person shall walk under the boom mast specifically as a walkway.
  • Block is to be connected to the boom mast if the boom is moving without a load.
  • Rigger shall install the slings prior to the boom mast being placed over the load to be lifted.
  • When hooking the sling(s) to the boom block the rigger needs to communicate with the operator by keeping eye contact and using the proper hand signals.
  • During the raising or lowering of the boom mast and load line all personnel shall stand clear by 10'.
  • Operator shall double check the position of the controls before allowing other personnel to approach the boom or any load.
  • Loads shall be rigged so they are evenly balanced before lifting and transporting.
  • The safety latch on the hook shall be able to close before handling any load.
  • Operator shall operate in the lowest possible gear while transporting and handling materials
  • Never lift the load higher than necessary to clear obstacles in the path of travel. Lower the load as soon as the obstacle is cleared.
  • No one shall be permitted to work, walk, or stand under a suspended load at any time.
  • While equipment is in operation, operator shall not leave the boom unattended.
  • While equipment is in operation, no personnel shall be allowed to ride or climb on the side boom.
  • While counterweights are being adjusted rigger shall stand 10' in front of the sideboom until the weights are in the desired position.
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